wim in sanatorium

In brief:

From 2009, a few relatives are busy collecting, digitizing and protecting his collection of abandoned works, publications, poems and the like.

Preparations have been made for years to pay tribute to Wim. First there were plans for an exhibition, for example in honor of his 90th birthday, or his 10th anniversary, but the moments passed.


Foto: Wim 1956 in sanatorium (privébezit)


At the start of the research into Wim's life and well-being, we first of all have information that was transferred by Wim during his lifetime, and the information obtained through his family, friends and students. In addition, many of the dummies he has written have been preserved. Wim has also pasted albums with program sheets from the Robbedoezen and his colleagues. Reviews of his exhibitions. Unfortunately Wim rarely or not at all mentioned a date of a newspaper article, or in which newspaper it was.

Also the many pictures that are there don't have a single description. Very nice photos, but where or when was it, and what did Wim do there?

After reading his written stories, we sometimes immediately know where and when a photo was taken.

A subdivision has been made of different periods. For example, his childhood, years of war, years of De Robbedoezen, his years as a painter, etc. On the homepage you can find all the categories that exist.

The works of Wim on this site are also subdivided into categories. Some categories have subcategories.

We do not always know the exact location of some works, landscapes, cityscapes and the like. If you, as a visitor, know the location, please let us know. A photo would be fantastic.

Wim has also painted many portraits.

At a later stage and with sufficient interest, we want to look for people who look a lot like those portraits. Visitors to the site can then send a photo of the person they think resembles the portrait.


The ultimate goal of this site is to:

Celebrate Wim's 100th birthday, in the week of November the 2nd 2022.

The plan for this is, in that week at 100 different places in the Netherlands (and perhaps beyond), to give people the opportunity to admire one or more of Wim's works with their own eyes.

In the run-up to his 100th birthday, we also hope to be able to set up exhibitions.

For this we will, among other things, make contact with the locations where he has exhibited during his lifetime.